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Shot Blasting Plant: 074 130 8320 | Admin Office: 033 342 4675 Open Mon -Thurs: 7.30 - 16.00 / Friday: 7.30 - 12.00

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Sand Blasting Services in PMB

Sandblasting, shotblasting or abrasive blasting is the process used to clean or etch the surface of metal substrates including mild steel, wrought iron, aluminium and stainless steel.
At PMB Shot Blasting, we use high quality, abrasive blasting as a means of rust and paint removal for the restoration of cabinets, outdoor garden furniture, security doors and screens, frames, car parts, bicycles and motorcycle parts as well as many other applications.
Conveniently located in Pietermaritzburg, our trained and friendly staff will assist you with your sandblasting needs. With state of the art machines and compressors, we offer an affordable service with outstanding quality.


Frequently Asked Questions

The process of removing surface debris from metal surfaces, such as paint or rust, by the means of shooting very small particles of shot/sand with a blast of compressed air.

No, shot blasting removes the very top layer of debris, leaving the fresh, clean metal exposed. If your item is badly damaged and if rust has destroyed parts of your item, the shot blasting may cause further damage. Our staff will advise accordingly when you visit them.

Our shot blasting room is 25m cubed with a large rolling door, if the item can be carried in or reversed in by car, we can shot blast it for you.

Depending our work schedule, first come first served, your item will be addressed immediately. The time it takes to shot blast depends on the fine detail of the item. Every part of the item needs to be blasted to create a good quality result. If the item has a lot of features to it, it may take longer, but for a large flat product, it will take a few minutes. (the initial fee is a minimum of 10 minutes in the blast area, thereafter the process is billed per minute).

As the metal is now raw and exposed, we advise clients to collect their items as quickly as possible, and to proceed with priming or painting as soon as they can to avoid the exposed metal being damaged by air moisture and start to rust again. All un-collescted items it will be stored in an indoor store area, protected from the weather.

Yes, we can spray your product in black or white etch primer at an additional cost. Please discuss this with our friendly staff when you bring in your article.

Strictly cash only at the Shot Blasting Plant – All items need to be paid in full before collection. For credit card payments, this can be done prior to collection at our admin office nearby.
Account invoices are available to existing MARKSMAN clients, or new account applications can be applied for via MARKSMAN admin office. Please speak to the manager at the shot blasting plant for more infomation.


Contact us for more details and to schedule your drop off.

Operating times:
Mon-Thursday 7.30 – 16.00
Friday 7.30 – 12.00

Shot Blasting Plant: 074 130 8320

Admin office: 033 342 4675

Plant Manager: 079 566 0286